Cyberwatchers NETWORK DESIGN hierarchy will allow for divisions of responsibility to be implemented on any network. With a design consisting of a hierarchy, a network will not be limited in terms of performance and scalability. Our TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT team and site survey will allow insight as to where different network elements should be deployed and why. The Site Survey will allow us to determine the most accurate locations for the most effecient and effective network. This will cut back on maintenance and increase performance.

As information technology continues to grow, it influences your company’s need to grow with it. Your network will need to broaden its internetworking capability via LAN(wired)/WAN(wireless), and or its Virtual Private Networking (VPN) implementations. Cyberwatchers provides a highly skilled team of TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT specialists who provide NETWORK DESIGN, maintenance, and development for various platforms.


Is your Network up to the Security challenge?

Challenging Issues:

Optimizing network performance.
Cost affective bandwidth optimization techniques.
Maintaining a collaborative connection from remote locations.
Secure Remote Access for Mobile Users.
Testing environments and Product Integration.
Planning for growth and change.

Cyberwatchers Response...

First we develop a common knowledge with our customer regarding their business rules, primary initiatives, and challenges pertaining to information technology advancements and their network security. We address these needs through what we call E.M.S.

E.M.S. - Examination Maintenance and Security

Examination – We will do a complete observation and analysis of the existing facility to identify areas of concern. Then we will devise a plan of attack to improve upon business goals, future expansion, growth, and security. During this phase, we will provide a detailed NETWORK DESIGN that will key in on all our findings as well as plans for change.

Maintenance – Being able to maintain the network infrastructure is key in keeping a robust proactive network that will optimize network security and data protection. Cyberwatchers TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT will offer a standard SLA agreement offering a simple pricing structure with a flexible contract term.

Security – Identifying the security solutions that an organization needs is constantly evolving as recognizing security threats are only the first step in protecting and maintaining your network. We will implement security before, during, and after your network is implemented.  We will incorporate business objectives as well as technology requirements that pertain to security.

Cyberwatchers takes pride in our approach towards planning, implementing, and maintaining a successful network infrastructure. We aim to please our customers and consider each project as important as any other. Big or small, Networks running enterprise, small business, or home systems, Cyberwatchers TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT team is up to the challenge. We love what we do. Cyberwatchers will put together a NETWORK DESIGN that will fit your business security rules today and will grow with you to meet your business security rules tomorrow.


Cyberwatchers is located and services South Western Pennsylvania including but not limited to Allegheny(Pittsburgh), Beaver, Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties.

Call a Cyberwatchers TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT specialist to discuss a that will work for your Data Center or small office..

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