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Home PC Repair

Computer Upgrades, PC REPAIR, and Network Security is our forte. Cyberwatchers COMPUTER SERVICES will have your computer running like a new machine. To get your computer up and running the way it should, we provide you the best affordable maintenance, HOME NETWORK setup, VIRUS PROTECTION and repair available for an unbeatable cost to you. Contact us now for a free consultation regarding any PC REPAIR, upgrade or PC TUNE UP. And dont forget to ask Cyberwatchers about our Seniors Discount. Serving little Washington, Donora Pa, Monongahela Pa, Belle Vernon Pa, Charleroi Pa and greater Pittsburgh Area COMPUTER SERVICES.


Home Network Setup

It is not uncommon to have multiple computers in a home, known as a computer network, or to have a computer and a laptop you would like to share information between. A Cyberwatchers Network is an invaluable security enhancement allowing you to share internet and information within the most secure environment far from viruses, trojans, and malware, thanks to Cyberwatchers VIRUS PROTECTION. Printer and file sharing between other family members and friends is possible via VPN and other security network protocols.

For Wireless HOME NETWORK, or wireless setup please refer to our Wireless section or call Cyberwatchers today for an in home computer network consultation. For PC REPAIR, PC TUNE UP, or any of our COMPUTER SERVICES, CALL US! Serving Washington pa and greater Pittsburgh area. Call Cyberwatchers today for our free VIRUS PROTECTION installation.


Home Computer Surveillance:

Do you want to keep your Children safe from internet predators?

Keep your children safe.  There are over 25 million children online at this very moment and one out of every four have been solicited by pedophiles in the last 12 months. Predators on the Internet take advantage of our children’s innocence by lying about who they are. Parents struggle to make the time needed to monitor the ones they care about. However, we have the expertise and equipment needed to catch them in the act via our COMPUTER SURVEILLANCE software. With the amount of obscene content, violence, and drugs promoted on the Internet, we at cyberwatchers wish to offer you and your children a safer Internet experience. Don’t wait until its to late for you and your family. Contact cyberwatchers for all your PC REPAIR and PC TUNE UP needs.

Know what your loved ones are being exposed to.


Home Network Security:

Why should you worry about your HOME NETWORK and internet security?

Home Internet Security and COMPUTER SERVICES. Cyberwatchers security model is structured around your personal home information and internet use. Every computer in every home should be protected from viruses, trojans and other malware via Cyberwatchers VIRUS PROTECTION.

Is your personal information at risk? - data protection such as encryption, firewall protection, VPN, network security, etc.

You use your computer for everything from banking to email conversations between family and others. A computer on an unsecure network is the most unsafe place to transfer information though we are forced to do this on a daily basis. Do not wait until your home computer is compromised. Contact Cyberwatchers today for a free estimate regarding COMPUTER SURVEILLANCE, or any of our COMPUTER SERVICES.

We will protect your HOME NETWORK from internet scams, viruses, hackers and an assortment of cyber criminals. Keep your computer free of spyware, adware, and viruses via our PC REPAIR and VIRUS PROTECTION. Maintain a high speed interenet experience in a secure environment. If you feel your computer has been compromised or would like to prevent future vulnerability allow Cyberwatchers to discuss a plan of attack with you. **E.M.S.**


  • Belle Vernon PA
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    Cyberwatchers is located and services South Western Pennsylvania including but not limited to Allegheny(Pittsburgh), Beaver, Fayette, Greene, and Washington Pa - Washington Counties.

    Call us today to schedule Cyberwatchers COMPUTER SERVICES.


Home Network Setup

Home PC Surveillance

Network Security

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