Data Center Design

Network Security / Data Protection

  • Authentication - Access Control
  • IDS / Intrusion Detection System
  • Archiving and Data Protection
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    Server Implementation

    • Domain Controller Setup / Administration
    • File Server Setup / Administration
    • ASR - Automated System Recovery
    • Domain Trust Implementation
    • Much More
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    User Analysis And Monitoring Services

    • Improved Production with Access Control
    • Web and Email Filtering
    • Virus Protection and Maintenance
    • Surviellance Cameras/security/monitoring
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    Office Network IT Support

    Cyberwatchers IT SUPPORT can not stress enough the importance of good NETWORK SUPPORT to implement strict security rules for your network as well as your DESKTOP AND SERVER workgroup or domain. Cyberwatchers initial site survey will determine a specific network design for your OFFICE NETWORK needs. Our NETWORK MAINTENANCE and IT SUPPORT) extends to your business the most secure NETWORK SUPPORT along with overall functionality of wireless services. Call Pittsburgh's computer services company today to enhance your OFFICE NETWORKING needs. Having computer problems? Contact our DESKTOP AND SERVER IT SUPPORT team today! Serving Washington Pa, Donora Pa, Belle Vernon Pa, Charleroi Pa, Monongahela Pa and the greater Pittsburgh area!

    Office Network VPN Support

    Setup a VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK or VPN without making it your primary job responsibility! Our IT SUPPORT will help keep your Office Network and productivity at a high level, even when you are out of the office when using a VPN. Benefits - Cyberwatchers NETWORK SUPPORT can save an organization money by eliminating the need for expensive leased lines, saving on long distance telephone charges and offloading support costs!

    Any business who wishes to access their office network from any location, i.e. home, panera, starbucks, et cetera should call cyberwatchers to setup a VPN. A secure VPN connection will allow you to access your OFFICE NETWORK from home or any other location. A VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK is perfect for on the road and on the go business persons and will even work on a wireless network.


    Cyberwatchers has the answer to improve security while maintaining the DESKTOP AND SERVER infrastructure in your office network. Our IT SUPPORT will provide NETWORK MAINTENANCE SERVER AND DESKTOP repair and OFFICE NETWORKING so your infratructure runs securely and efficiently.

    Cyberwatchers is located and services South Western Pennsylvania including but not limited to Allegheny(Pittsburgh), Beaver, Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties.

    Call us today for E.M.S. ( Examination, Maintenance, and Security )and a site survey for your business.


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