Wireless Network Support And Site Survey

Cyberwatchers, Our Pittsburgh TECHNOLOGY SPECIALISTS will analyze a SITE SURVEY : our WIRELESS NETWORK SUPPORT options will provide a task-by-task process to understand the RF behavior, discover coverage areas, and check for RF INTERFERENCE at your site so we can procure the appropriate placement of Wireless devices. PITTSBURGH TECHNOLOGY at its best!

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Issues may arise preventing radio frequency signals from reaching various parts of the site. A site survey helps find the regions where RF interference may occur. Cyberwatchers SITE SURVEY will also help determine the hardware and (Wireless) device(s) that you need to meet your network security requirements. Our TECHNOLOGY SPECIALISTS will determine the proper wireless devices needed.

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Our WIRELESS NETWORK SUPPORT Survey will include the following:

  1. Obtain a site diagram in order to identify the potential RF INTERFERENCE.
  2. A site visit to inspect the facility while looking for RF issues
  3. Identify user areas that are highly in use and VS areas that are in less use.
  4. Determine access point locations
  5. Perform the actual site survey in order to verify the access point locations
  6. Document and record all findings.

A well developed SITE SURVEY will provide the beginning stages of implementation, Wireless Security, and functionality. By allowing cyberwatchers to provide you WIRELESS NETWORK SUPPORT we can develop a plan of attack that we can use as a reference tool for making changes and developing our ideas. Contact Cyberwatchers, Your Wireless Network Support And TECHNOLOGY SPECIALISTS .

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