Website design & optimization

Cyberwatchers specializes in creating your perfect website that accentuates your individuality as a company, then increases your overall web presence by using a process called web optimization. Not only do we build your website, we believe in serving you, as our customer in all aspects, including designing a logo, providing hosting for your website, frequent updates, building content management systems, or technology support. We do whatever it takes to make you happy, even if that means reworking a design dozens of times. You will receive the design and service you expect.

Here at Cyberwatchers, web design is a multi-phase process where you and your needs are the primary concern. Before we even begin your design Cyberwatchers researches and evaluates your competition. By doing this, we have the edge in your market, and can begin using it to your advantage. The next step is getting your ideas on how you'd like your website to look including colors, menus, buttons and basic layout. Many of our clients give us a listing of similar websites, and what they like and dislike about them. Using our research and your ideas Cyberwatchers designers then rework your design until you are completely satisfied. We then input your content, and assist in writing it if needed. Finally we optimize your page - giving your closest competition a run for their money! What's the point of having a website if no one sees it? We get people to find your company!



Graphic Design

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